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Published the Resolution of the Council of Ministers approving PENSAARP 2030

The resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 23/2024 was published today in Diário da República no. 25/2024, Series I of 2024-02-05, pages 24-44, which approves the Strategic Plan for the Supply of Water and Wastewater and Stormwater Management 2030 (PENSAARP 2030). This Resolution had already been approved at the Council of Ministers meeting on December 14th, 2023, as we announced at the time.

It is mentioned that the full version of PENSAARP 2030, consisting of volume 1: Strategic Plan and volume 2: Action Plan, will be made available at the electronic address https://apambiente.pt/agua/PENSAARP2030, on the website of the Portuguese Agency for Environment.

The plan establishes the development framework for the water services sector (water supply and wastewater sanitation), updating PENSAAR 2020 and introducing a new component: rainwater management. Based on the assessment of the current situation of the sector and taking into account, in particular, the emerging challenges of climate change, PENSAARP 2030 identifies the main strategic priorities for investment and financing of water services for the current decade. The Plan aims at four global strategic objectives, materialized in 70 measures distributed across different priority levels, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and the economic, environmental and societal valorization of services.

We will return to this topic shortly.


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Welcome Message

The vision of Associação LIS-Water – Lisbon International Center for Water is to contribute to a better world through better water governance. It thus promotes more effective, efficient and resilient water supply and wastewater and rainwater management services, within the framework of sustainable development objectives.

These water services are essential for the well-being of citizens and for economic activities, with a clear impact on improving public health, environmental sustainability and mitigating risks, namely arising from climate change.. They generate benefits in terms of job creation, economic growth, increased social stability and reduced conflicts, contributing to a more developed, peaceful, equitable and healthy society.

LIS-Water’s mission is thus to reinforce public policies, regulation and management of water services for the benefit of society, integrating the best knowledge in management, economics, engineering, law, social sciences, communication and other relevant areas.

Together with its partners, the association intends to make available and produce the best and most up-to-date knowledge at an international level and to transfer it continuously to decision-makers, water professionals, industry and society.

In this way, we will make our contribution towards achieving the great goals of humanity regarding better water governance, for a better world.

The Board of Directors

Rita Brito

President of the Board of Directors

Eduardo Marques

Member of the Board of Directors

José Matos

Member of the Board of Directors

We take care of water services, essential to the well-being of society.

The members of LIS-Water represent the main players in the water sector in Portugal.

National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC)

Public institution for research and scientific and technological development in Portugal, one of the largest civil engineering laboratories in the world.

Foundation for Studies and Training in Local Authorities (FEFAL)

Non-profit entity, formed by the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities, to carry out information, training, research, technical advice, international cooperation on relevant topics for Local Authorities.

Associação das Empresas Portuguesas para o Sector do Ambiente (AEPSA)

Business association that represents and defends the collective interests of private companies that intervene in the environmental sector, acting as a dynamic player in the development of the market in the environmental sector.

Portuguese Partnership for Water (PPA)

Network of entities that aims to develop synergies and maximize potential for the development of the water sector in the world, promoting alliances and partnerships between national institutions and nations committed to the sustainable use of water and the enhancement of water resources.

Grupo Águas de Portugal (AdP)

The AdP Group is responsible for the integrated management of the urban water cycle, providing services to Municipalities, which are simultaneously shareholders of the companies managing multi-municipal systems, and directly serving the population through municipal water supply and sanitation systems.

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