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Better water governance for a better world!

Better water governance for a better world!

About Us

LIS-Water is a non-profit centre of excellence under construction focused on public policies, regulation and management on water services and related water resources. LIS-Water intends to make a pivotal contribution for better water services and a better society. It responds to the challenges deriving from water being one of the top world priorities, recognised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. LIS-Water is an initiative promoted by the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering with an effective partnership with many internationally recognised Portuguese, non-Portuguese and international organisations. LIS-Water was approved on March 2017 by the European Commission for funding through the Teaming Programme Phase 1 H2020.

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LIS-Water’s vision is to build a vibrant, innovative, open, supportive and widely recognised international Centre of Excellence for leading edge research and innovation. LIS-Water will address the entire value chain and all key stakeholders in the water sector. The vision is supported through a set of key values that include: human resources and knowledge, dynamic and supportive water community, integrated approaches, rigor and quality, and ethical behaviour.


LIS-Water’s mission is to contribute to a better world through implementing excellent research and innovation activities to achieve improved management of water services and related water resources, vital to the well-being of citizens, healthy societies, improved environments and economic growth and providind a healthier society.

Areas of Activity and target groups

Research and innovation

Multidisciplinary research and innovation on key topics including water related public policies, regulation and management, covering emerging issues like water governance, circular economy, climate change and cities of tomorrow.

  • Knowledge collection and review

  • Knowledge production and innovation

Education, training and capacity building

High-level education, training and capacity building initiatives for water professionals from all over the world, contributing to reinforcing the intellectual capital in the water sector.

  • Postgraduate education

  • Executive training courses

  • Professional training courses

  • Capacity building

  • Mobility exchange and integration

Think-tank and strategic advice

Assistance to different levels of decision makers in the water sector to define the best approach for solving problems and challenges based on an independent, innovative, simple and effective strategic advice.

  • LIS-Water high-level water conference

  • Think tank / brainstorming

  • Strategic advice

  • Dialogue with policy stakeholders

Business and startup support

Support to industry, entrepreneurship and new venture development helping to explore innovation and create jobs in the water sector, based on sharing knowledge and experience.

  • Challenging innovation

  • Startup incubation

  • Startup acceleration

  • Business advice and support

Community outreach and engagement

Awareness raising on water issues and enhancement of consumer protection, public engagement, ethics, integrity and information towards society.

  • Community outreach

  • Water awareness

  • Social engagement support


As part of its activities, LIS-Water will promote networking, enlarging connections between national and international stakeholders. For this purpose, it will build the LIS-Water ecosystem of members, associates (corporate or individual) and supporters.

Our current members, corporate associates and supporters

Why become a LIS-Water associate?

LIS-Water associates have the benefits of being able to participate in the Centre’s activities, contribute to the definition of its activities, access to the best available knowledge, collaborate in concrete projects with the Centre, participate as lecturers in training courses and access to the LIS-Water network.

Your participation as an associate is also of great interest to LIS-Water. It allows to expand the Centre’s network, to collaborate more easily with its associates, to expand its portfolio skills, to expand the access to new geographical areas, and increase its visibility both nationally and internationally.

Steps to take to become an associate

Any organization or individual that share the vision and guidelines of LIS-Water is invited to apply for associateship. There is no financial commitment.

  • Complete the application form which you can access via the "Become an associate" button below.

  • Your application will be processed by LIS-Water.

  • Notice of acceptance will be sent via email.


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